Sunday, 27 August 2017

A walk in Segovia

This weekend I was in Segovia (Spain). It's a very tourist place to visit. It has a beautiful cathedral, several churches and a majestic palace known as Alcázar de Segovia.

It was cloudy, with non-textured skies, so I had not the best light to take pictures. I've used a strong sepia post-proccessing to try to hide the wrong lighting. Maybe they are not my best pictures of this year, but I hope you enjoy them.

I've been also trying the "vintage effect". A lot of photography applications have a filter with this name or similar.

An example of "Vintage effect" in Snapseed

I've catch some ideas of this video, and I've discover that one of the clues to find the vintage effect is don't to let RGB curve to pass through the origin.

Combined with other things (f.e., vignette effect), the final result is this:

I have to study this method deeply, but I think RGB curve is the key.

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