Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Skies of Cuenca

Last weekend was very intense for me in a photography way. After my visit to Pioz, I was in Uña (Cuenca). What is in Uña? Uña is a very little town (population about one hundred people) with a lookout with beautiful views and without any light contamination. This last feature lets you enjoy of a amazing night skies.

Let me show some of the pictures I took there.

About the technique

As we've written before in this blog, there are two choices: "points" or "traces". In this session I've chosen "points" in the most cases, but both choices are always there.

"Points" vs "traces"

To take pictures of stars as points, I've used very hight ISO speeds (3200) and short exposure times (30 seconds). My gear was my SAMYANG 14mm (very wide view lenses) and my Nikon D810 (a great camera with a very good response in hight noise events).

The camera response to high ISO is very important to take this kind of photographs. With Nikon D810 @ ISO 12800 I have a similar (or lower) noise level than Nikon D7000 @ ISO 5000 (but with more than 2,5 times of the sensibility). It lets me to capture the milky way as I've  never done before.

Milky Way with Nikon D810 (30s, ISO 12800)

Milky Way with Nikon D7000 (30s, ISO 5000), from "Night falls in the darkest town"

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