Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Road to Cuenca

As I've been writing in last posts, last weekend was a very intensive photo-weekend. Saturday in the morning I was taking pictures of castles in Pioz, the night between Saturday and Sunday, I was taking photos to night skies in Uña, and Sunday in the morning I was a one more tourist in Cuenca. This is the post about that third part.

Sunday in the morning we were driving from the little town of Uña to the city of Cuenca. We made a stop in the reservoir "de la Toba" to watch the sunrise.

Our next stop was in "The Window of the Devil", a strange place close to the road CM-2105, near of Villalba de la Sierra. It is a group of big holes in the stone who build a natural lookout.

Finally, we arrived at Cuenca. Old town of Cuenca is a very beautiful place, included in World Heritage Site list. The old houses of there have a magical charm.

The city is known by its Hanging Houses, buildings form 15th Century in precipices boundaries, with balconies hanging over the empty space.

Cuenca has other interesting buildings, as its city hall or its cathedral.

City Hall of Cuenca

Cathedral of Cuenca

A very interesting city to visit!

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