Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A panoramic view of Hugin

High resolution panoramic image: move it & zoom it with the mouse!

Let me write about panoramas. Above these lines you have an interactive high resolution panoramic image. It is Valmayor reservoir (you also can view it below in a non-interactive image).

Panoramic pictures are interesting: an unusual aspect ratio, the possibility of obtain very high resolution images (joining smaller images)... Human view is a panorama built with two horizontal merged images!

I've tried to make panoramas before. For example, I've tried to merge several layers with transparent parts to make a larger image with Gimp.

Published in "A Walk by Los Cerros de Alcalá" (merging layers in Gimp)

It's possible, but it take a lot of time and the result could be not good enough.

I know there are several choices for this problem, but I've found one I like very much. It's fast, it's easy, it has a lot of advanced settings and it works on Linux! Its name is Hugin.

If you use Ubuntu, you'll find the package in the repositories (if you have problems, visit its download section).

How It works? It's a photo stitcher software. It has a wizard mode where you load your images and it find control points to merge them correctly. It works very very well!

Wizard mode with 3 steps: load, align & make

When you merge images taken with a fixed tripod, rotating the point of view (for example), you are taking the image of a sphere inside. To represent it as a plane image, you must use a projection kind. Hugin let you to chose several projections kinds.

Choosing projections

Hugin works with master points. It can find them automatically, but you also can edit them manually.

Master points (automatically detected)

Finally, when all the settings are correct, the software saves the project and open automatically a shell to execute the needed actions.

The result is a great panorama in a easy way!


Note: I've used CLOSR to show the first image. It seem an interesting option to show large images. It let zoom, navigation, and bookmark of points of interest.

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