Saturday, 29 April 2017

What's in your bag?

Photographers and their equipment. There are two kinds of photographers: the photographer who loves speak about his gear, and the photographer who hates that topic. If you love it or you hate it doesn't mind. If you want to take pictures, you have to wear some equipment, and you probably need a kind of bag. What's your choice about it?

Some days ago my bag (a CASE LOGIC SLRC202) was broken and I needed to buy a new one. I was thinking about to change my choice. I really have three bags:

  • A HAMA photo backpack Orlando 170.

The first one is very small. You can carry your camera with a low weight but you have no space for anything more.

The last one is a big bag. You have a lot of space for your gear, but it's not very comfortable to carry it to everywhere. The access to your gear is in your back, and you can't catch anything quickly. You can to make compartments but they are weak.

My favourite choice is the middle one. It's comfortable and you can carry some things inside. The access is lateral, so you can catch everything quickly.

The choice of a camera bag depends of the kind of pictures you are going to take. I was thinking about other options. There are more elegant leather bags, but I usually take pictures in nature or in not very elegant places (urbex photography), so I need a comfortable and resistant bag, not an elegant one.

What I carry in my bag? I usually have my camera and one mounted lenses. I usually don't change the lenses in a whole session (panic about the dust in the sensor). If I carry my Nikon D810 I use one of the lateral compartments to carry the radio remote control, the radio receptor and the cable for join them. If I carry the Nikon D7000, the remote control is smaller, and I use that space to carry a grip.

With the Nikon D810 I take more studied pictures, in a specific place, with tripod and remote control (I use the space for a radio remote control system). Now I usually use my Nikon D7000 to take more spontaneous pictures. In walks, taken by hand, without tripod (I use the space for a hand grip).

I use the rest of the space for carry my documentation, a brush and a soft cloth to clean the lenses, batteries, memory cards, etc.

If I'm in nature, I usually also carry an additional backpack with water, food, sun protection, cap, maybe a torch, etc.

And you? What's your bag choice? What's in your bag?

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