Saturday, 22 April 2017

Silk Effect in Henares River

Yesterday I was taking a walk close to Henares River to take pictures of spring landscapes in the afternoon. I was with my tripod and the Nikon D810 and thought: What about to practice silk effect?

This zone is a semi-urban area. The urban neighbourhood ends here to begin a natural area where a very little waterfall is placed here. In some of these pictures you can view buildings in the background, showing the contrast between natural and urban.

Silk Effect is the effect you can view in the moving water when take a long exposure photograph (the semi-random movement is soften integrated in the time).

ISO 100 - F/16 - 25s

ISO 100 - F/5.6 - 30s

ISO 200 - F/5.6 - 30s

I tested several points of view while I was taking these pictures, and I've also tested several post-processing settings after. Black and white was a choice that I considered.

ISO 100 - F/16 - 15s

Finally, I show some pictures taken with my mobile about the 'Making of'.

The tripod was inside the river, to try to give a more immersive feeling. The stability is mandatory to this kind of photograph, so the tripod was heavily anchored. While the light was decreasing, I had to play with several settings of apertures and exposition times (as is shown in captions).

I didn't use filters. The use of filters with SAMYANG 14mm F2.8 ED AS IF UMC is very difficult (you need additional support gear). To make silk effect without filters, you need wait to the limit between afternoon and night. A long exposure (mandatory to silk effect) needs some lack of light to no produces overexposed pictures.

I hope you liked the pictures!

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