Sunday, 12 March 2017

Montenegro's longest night

Last summer I wrote about an abandoned factory where you could find interesting pieces of urban art and industrial ruins. I took some black and white pictures then, with my Nikon D7000 and the 8mm fisheye, and I shown them in a post called "The Old Factory". I think it's a very interesting place to make photography. In middle of a shopping area, an industrial wasteland is hidden and it seems like nobody can notice it.

Now, some months after, I've decided to come back with new gear (my Nikon D810 and my SAMYANG 14mm) and in a different conditions (at night). I show below my pictures of this wonderful forgotten place.

I would like to make some non photographic commentaries about the above pictures:

I really like the presence of Ralph Wiggum, the popular character of "The Simpsons", with his pyjama upside down.

I've recently discovered why urban artists were mysteriously interested in the time "4:20" (it appears in other pictures I've taken before, as in this series). What happens at 4:20? Is it siesta time in Spain? I can read in Wikipedia that "The Waldos" (a group of students from California) had a meeting to consume cannabis every day after class (at 4:20 p.m.). The term "four-twenty"  is used now related at the consumption of cannabis.

Finally, I would like to draw attention to waste in this place and others. These abandoned areas are used to bring in industrial wastes like it was a dump. When I went there for first time, there was the industrial waste produced by the own progressive destruction of this factory. Now, you also can find garbage from other places accumulated there.

Urban landscape is modelled by the economical factor. One day is a prosperous factory, next day is an abandoned place, and after, a dump. We are observers of these changes, and here I've tried to bring you registers abut some of these steps in the infinite road to the future.

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