Sunday, 5 March 2017

Following the steps of the decay

Alcalá de Henares (Madrid - Spain) is a very beautiful city, full of life and beautiful things. However, my interest in Urbex photography has guided me to look for decadent buildings, with a special charm, in this city.

Let's start our way on the edge of the neighborhood called "Nueva Alcala". There we can find the old García's watermill.

This old mill is also known as "La Casa del Loco" (Spanish term for "Crazy Man's House"), and It's an old building in very advanced ruin state. Now, you cannot find machines, roofs or floors there. Only vertical walls resist the flow of the time.

The second stop in our journey is al old rural house in a field near the natural space known as "Los Cerros de Alcalá" (Spanish term for "Alcalá's Hills"). I don't know its name or its story, but I bring its pictures.

It is smaller than the previous building, and with only one floor of height. The roof is also fallen and a lot of graffiti are filling the walls.

Near the previous one, there are some kind of water well and electric tower in disuse.

They are hidden inside of a layer of twisted trees and undergrowth.

Finally, we have the "Casa de los Catalanes" (Spanish term for "Catalonia's House").

It's another rural house in ruins. Last time I stayed inside, I could walk freely for there. Now there are a lot of rests from the roof and other garbage to make dangerous to visit the inside of this place.

I hope you've enjoyed with this journey through some of the most pictorial decayed buildings in my city.

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