Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Lens Correction Profiles in RawTherapee

That's my first contact with ".lcp" files, so every comment to complete/correct this information could be positive for all us.

The no-perfect lenses (every real lens) could be affected by several lens distortions. These distortion effects are associated to the design and construction of the lens, and they could be more or less noticeable.

When you are processing a raw file, some image editing programs allow you to enable a lens correction profile. It is a ".lcp" file with information about how to correct distortion, vignetting, etc.

As I've comment other times, I've usually use Rawtherapee. It is a freeware and in the latest versions it allows to use lens correction profiles.

As you can see in the above image, you can select a ".lcp" file associated to your camera and lens model and allow the correction to the distortion or vignetting separately. I like the automatic distortion correction, but I think the automatic vignette correction is a little bad. You can enable or disable each one of them as you want.

By other hand, you have manual controls to set the distortion/vignette correction as you desire. 

Automatic control by profile

Manual distortion correction settings

Manual vignette correction settings
How I can have a ".lcp" with the correct correction parameters? Adobe offers much of them included in its software, but you can download much more with "Adobe Lens Profiles Downloader" (click here for Windows version). The application saves the downloaded ".lcp" profiles in:


With a codified name (where "****" is a text string related with your user).

Other way is looking in the lens webpage. For example, Samyang offers a download centre with several profiles for its lenses.

I hope it will be useful!

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