Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Moon D810

The moon, that bright object in the night sky that hypnotizes to the photographers around the world. When I buy a new camera, I like to test it with the moon. With the same lenses, the quality of the photography depends of the quality and resolution of the sensor.

My new camera is a Nikon D810, a full-frame camera with a very high resolution. However, the moon is very far and with my TAMRON 70-300 mm, our satellite only occupies a very little parcel in the scene. Full-frame is not necessary because the moon doesn't fill de picture.

Pictures taken at DX format with Nikon D810 have a similar size that pictures taken with my old D7000, so we don't observe an amplification. However, the quality of the sensor is appreciated in the quality of the final image.

Nikon D810 - Noise is minimal

Nikon D7000 - The sharpness is forced with post-processing, with poor results.

One of the useful features of the Nikon D810 is it's anti-vibrations modes: you can shoot with a radio-frequency remote, with the mirror in up position and with electronic shutter. These three thing minimalize vibrations. When you are shooting to a very far object with large focal lengths, vibrations are very important.

Finally, I show the result with my old-old camera: my Nikon D3000.

Nikon D3000

Enjoy the night!

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