Saturday, 4 January 2014

DIY - Photographic lenses support

This is not a story with a good end, but I'll start for the beginning: as you can view , for example, in my blog about wildlife "La Ventana Salvaje", in the last year I've been very interested in macro-photography. One of the problems to solve of the macro-photography (and of the photography, in general) is the stability. When you are shooting very close, every micro-vibration could damage the final result.

When I put my camera with all my gear for macro-photography, there is an empty space between the lenses and the tripod support (filled with a sponge in the below image), so I think it could cause a lot of micro-vibration. It's not a stable optic system. My solution: to make a support for fill this empty space.

I started to work in this project. As a good student of the theoretical physics, my skills are better in design than in build, so I started to design it.

The piece I needed it was a cube with two inner cylindrical shapes (with different radius). My TAMRON 90mm macro-lens would be over one part, and my extension tube would be over the other.

The first idea was to make it in wood. As I've written before, my skills for building things are not great, and I needed some precision for this piece, so I thought in something easier for me and more exact: the 3D printing.

The 3D printing is becoming in something very popular in the last years. I have a basic knowledge about 3D designs, so I made the figure with Blender.

Now, only a thing left to do: to send to print.

Oh! Sh#t! Other broken dream. I suppose that 3D printing is too much expensive for big sized things yet.


  1. Terrific post, my friend! What a great concept, I am sorry that it was so expensive!

    1. Thank you very much :)!

      I think the prices will get down in the future. Soon, everybody could have a "cheap" 3D printer at home, and create their own pieces for everything they need :).


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