Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Film vs Digital

Recently I showed you my first black and white film. When I took the first shots of this film, I also took other similar shots with my digital camera to compare them.

My little experiment was wrong about the focal. I wanted to compare the same focal length, but a 35mm film is a "full frame format", and my Nikon D7000 is a cropped frame (1.5).

The focal length of my Industar lens (for my film camera) is of 50mm. When I shot at 50mm with my Nikon D7000, I was actually shooting at 50 x 1.5 = 75mm. I think next time I should to shoot about 33mm (33 x 1.5 ~ 50mm).

Forgetting the maths, I show below two points of view: film vs digital.

Out of this peculiar experiment, I took similar (but not equal) pictures in my last walk to Los Santos de la Humosa. Here some of them.

I hope you enjoy!

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