Saturday, 16 November 2013

Black and White

Do you remember my Zorki 4? It was an Ukrainian film camera from 1967 that I bought some time ago. It was presented by me in this blog the 22th of September of the last year and I showed you my first colour film some days after.

After this first colour film, I bought a black and white film and I've been shooting with it during this last year. Now I can show you the results.

The images above shown are a post-processing selection of the original series, that you can watch here.

Please, notice that these pictures were taken without lightmeter, and without any automatism or measurer. The focus, the aperture and shooting speed must be configure in a manual way for this camera. There aren't sensors who help you.
I don't know if the film that I used was "a good film" (I used a ILFORD FP4 PLUS with ISO 125), or it it was in a good status. By other hand, the film was sent to the laboratory for developing too much time from I started to use it, and there, the film was broken while it was been developed. The final result has low contrast, a lot of noise, imperfections, white stains, bigger dark stains etc.

However, I'm happy with the experience! And I want to continue shooting with black and white film!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Fascinating work, my friend! Great shots, the film really creates strong images that have a distinct nostalgic look to them.

    1. Thanks Toad :)!

      Yes, the film have something that it's magical, and to shoot without sensors is a challenge for me. I already have other film prepared to start to shoot soon :)!


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