Saturday, 30 November 2013


ASPH13 is the short name of "Astaroth's Photography 2013", my new photographic book with my best pictures of this year.

As each year, I've published a book (a Hofmann photo-album) with my best pictures taken in that year. This year the most of my work was about macro-photography, so I decided to publish a monograph about this topic.

In this book you can find eighteen pages with high quality photographic prints (29x29cm) full of insects and arachnids. Some of these pictures appeared in my blog about natural wildlife, La Ventana Salvaje, but they were re-processed for this new publication.

The text is in Spanish, but it's in a second importance plane. You can view the very low quality PDF preview clicking here.

You can view below some of the pictures that were re-processed for this publication.

La Libélula

In order to acquire this book, you should to email me at with your e-mail address, and I'll send to you an invite for acquire a copy. The copy is sold and sent by Hofmann, so I only give my consent for it, but I have not any responsibilities about the purchase. Hofmann sets the production's costs. I won't receive any money for it.

Today, It is my best publication:  the quality of the book has increased (photographic paper, bigger pages). The square format is interesting. The most of the pages are occupied for only one image in this publication, so you can view every detail of these little bugs.

As tradition of this page says: "one year, one book". I hope you enjoy it!

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