Sunday, 6 October 2013

A capricious photo-session

"El Capricho" park ("The Caprice"), is an old "English-style" park made in Madrid (Spain) about the end of XVIII Century. An idyllic place for a photographic session.

Leticia Rd is a wonderful model from Madrid. She proposed me to make a photographic session in this place and I thought It was an awesome idea.

When we arrived there, we were noticed about the close time of the park was earlier than we thought. We had about half hour to take all the pictures!! These are the pictures of that session.

About the session, the work of the model was awesome (thank you very much, Leticia). However, my choice for the photographic gear wasn't so awesome... I used a TAMRON 90mm macro with a ring flash (the gear that I usually use to macro-photography). Large focal distances, very open apertures (f~2.8), I though It could work.

The problem of the TAMRON 90mm is that It's a macro, and the aperture depends of the focus distance. Maximum aperture is 2.8 in the infinity, but for near distances, the aperture is smaller. I decided to use this lens because my ring flash is not valid for lens with larger diameters, but a frontal flash was not the best option for this kind of photography, and It's not effective when you shoot from far (if you want pictures of whole body with a 90mm, you have to shoot from far).

TAMRON 90mm + ring flash is a very good combination for macro-photography, but for people, I think I'll use my SAMYANG 85mm f/1.4 without flash next time.

Thanks again to Leticia Rd for her fantastic work. I'm wishing to repeat the experience again.

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