Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Macro at home

In the previous post I shown you my new gear for macrophotography and some pictures taken at home. My main aim is to take pictures of insects and arachnids in nature, but at the moment I continue making test at home.

Real object vs. full image in camera
Real object vs. Image at 100% in a computer screen (17 inch, 1280x1024px)

That are some macro-pictures of inert objects of my home.

A rusty key

A painted sponge

The eye of a needle

The letters of a TAMRON's lens cap

The texture of a belt


A marker's head

A detail of a Spanish card

A protection for packaging

A detail of a Zorki 4 (film camera)

A detail of a Zorki 4 (film camera)

A detail of a Zorki 4 (film camera)

A detail of a Zorki 4 (film camera)

A detail of a Zorki 4 (film camera)

A detail of a Zorki 4 (film camera)

The point of a dagger

A zip

I hope show to you soon pictures of micro-wildlife taken with this gear.


  1. Great images! It has inspired me to start a project of Macro Images of items in my own home. Thanks for sharing

  2. Could you give us beginners a few basic tips regarding:lens used, light source and post production? It would be great if you would :-)

    1. Thank you very much, ChelmsleyBloke!

      I'm actually a beginner too :)! I'm using now a TAMRON 90mm (1:1), I think it's a great lens for macro! I used a TAMRON 70-300mm (1:2) before, but the quality of the TAMRON 90 is much bigger and the native magnification is also bigger.

      Now I'm also using extension tubes and a ring flash. The extension tubes lets you to shoot nearest without lost of quality, but you lose light and stability... A good solution is a ring flash. This is the gear I'm using now.

      If you haven't a flash, a good tripod is mandatory. With flash, you can try to shoot without tripod.

      If you are using tripod, you can add a platform with a micrometric screw. It lets you to set the camera in the minimum distance focus plane and focus the objects through the movement of the whole camera with total precision.

      About post-processing: I'm trying to don't use too much post-processing. I use LINUX OS and a open-source program called RawTherapee. I try use only subtle and global post-processing.

      Home shots could be nice, but I prefer wildlife macro-photography. This is my latest work outdoor (with automatic translation from Spanish).

      I hope be useful :)! Good luck :)!

    2. Astaroth, thank you very much for your detailed reply to my questions, very helpful.I was actually already thinking of getting a Tamron 90mm for my crop frame Nikon, now I will go ahead :-)

    3. I think it will be a very good purchase :)! Good luck :)!


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