Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Dragon and the Alien

Other weekend well-spent in macro photography, and after of the fieldwork, It's the time of the selection.

In La Ventana Salvaje I publish descriptive pictures of wildlife. Now the question is: from these descriptive images, are there some pictures with artistic skills? These filtered pictures are usually upload to Flickr, 500px, deviantART, etc.

Obviously, the question is highly subjective, but there are two images from the series of this weekend that they capture my attention specially: the dragon and the alien.

The first is a dragon... oh!, sorry, I've said "dragon"? I want to say "dragonfly" :). The next image is the closest image of a dragonfly I've taken ever.

Original version, published in La Ventana Salvaje

The  picture wasn't been cropped. Here, a cropped detail at scale 100%:

Cropped detail - scale 100%

I've decided to process it with a little HDR procedure. After of treat the noise, the result is shown below.

La Libélula
Final version, published in Flickr

I've tried that the HDR treatment would be subtle.

This wasn't a picture taken in controlled conditions. I set the aperture, the shooting speed, the power of the flash, etc. I tried to control the composition with the screen of my Nikon D7000, but I was shooting with my arms above my head, without stability, without visibility. In this position I had to use auto-focus or lost the shot. In shadow conditions, I also had to use high ISO.

I hate the automatic functions in photography, but in this case I hadn't other options.

The other picture is about the alien.

Original version, published in La Ventana Salvaje

The metamorphosis of the insects are awesome. In this process, the cicada changes its body for other with wings and It leaves behind its old chrysalis. This is the final version I've decided publish:

Final version, published in Flickr

Other versions was thought for this picture. For example, the next, with blue tones and a post-processing less aggressive.

Alternative version

When you are working with a lot of versions, you could to lose the objectivity. Due to it, revisions as this, where you can view all the versions, could be nice.

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