Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bugs in HDR

I've been trying to use my new lens (TAMRON 90mm) as frequently as possible since I bought it, a pair of weeks ago. My principal goal for this lens are the macro-photography of insects. In my blog of wildlife photography, La Ventana Salvaje, you can find some of these first attempts.

In that blog, I have a compromise with my public about DO NOT use images with an aggressive post-processing, so HDR images wouldn't be allowed. In this blog, about general photography, more artistic versions of those pictures have got more sense.

Because of it, I show here the below images.

They are a robber fly and a capsid bug, based in the next pure HRD's tone-maped images (I've used Qtpfsgui with Mantiuk algorithm).

Finally, the images that you can find in La Ventana Salvaje.

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