Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mobile pictures

Some time ago I wrote here about "Garbage from my mobile", a blog made by me about pictures taken with a mobile device from the capture to the publication.

Today I want to write here about my experience with the photographic software for mobile devices.

First of all: I have a Sony Xperia P with OS android 4.1.2. To take the picture I usually use the standard camera application, but It is not the only one. Camera FV 5 includes additional features that they could be very useful for the advanced photographer.


About edition, I think the best option is Snapseed. This software includes a lot of configurable filters. There are several categories:
  • Automatic.
  • Selective adjust.
  • Tune image.
  • Straighten & Crop (very useful for composition).
  • Details.
  • Black and white.
  • Vintage.
  • Drama (similar to a forced HDR process).
  • Grunge.
  • Center focus & Tilt-shift (selective blur tools).
  • Retrolux (very cool old-camera effects).
  • Frames

Inside of each category you can select different types of this effect, and customize it with several numeric parameters (you can change these values it if you move your finger over the screen, very intuitive).


It is an easier software. It has a lot of NON-PARAMETRIZABLE filters (you can download a lot of modules of filters for this program, but you can not customize the strength of the effect in each case. The filters are divided in three categories: film (about the effects over the "paper" of the picture), light (about illumination effects) and frames (the borders of the image).


Instagram is one of the most popular social application about photography. However, It isn't a very powerful processing tool. It works with non-customizable predefined filters. Is has too a selective blur tool and a contrast increaser with two positions: on/off. The only strong point of this software in my opinion is its social network.

Photo tools

It is a multi-tool for several calculus about the photographic activity. I specially like the depth of field and hyperfocal distance calculator.

This application can guide you with its level indicator, or give you information about the golden/blue hours, the moon phases, the EXIF of an image, etc.


I don't like the mobile photography. I think it's the little brother of the true photography. The lack of control in a mobile device (compared with a reflex camera, for example) makes this kind of photography be a "toy version" of the other. The software for post-edition is simply ridiculous compared with a PC software.

However, always is a good situation for the photography practice. In these days the lack of time is a sadly reality for a lot of us. The mobile devices could be the response to have a tool for the photography practice there where you are.

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