Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It Never Rains Forever

Last weekend I was taking pictures in the hills of my city, in the natural park called "Los Cerros". I took some pictures of landscapes, but they were too much similar to others I took before, so I'm not going to embed all of them now here.

Instead it, I'm go to show you some pictures taken during last weekend about a curious effect: the rain from far away.

Maybe it could be trivial, but I usually imagine the rain as a homogeneous layer of water. When you watch it form far away you can see the discontinuous lines between sun and rain zones. It's a very curious visual effect in my opinion.

Below you can watch some pictures with this natural effect.

But It never rains forever, so I want finish this post with some sun rays fighting to pass through the clouds.

I like more the rain when it is far :p.

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