Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Evening walks

Last weekend I had not a good photographic plan. Did I stay at home with new camera? No! The "new toy" had to be used! I went to walk through several parks and natural zones in Alcalá de Henares.

I was testing the latest element in my gear: a battery grip, the Meike MK-D7000, a cheap clone of the Nikon's official product that - by the moment - It works great!

Why you should use a battery grip? There are several reasons. Somebody uses it only because the camera seems bigger with it, and the photographer seems more professional with that "monster" :p. That is not the reason that I more like (however, It's true: the camera is "cooler" with the battery grip :p). The best reason for me is that with a battery grip you can take better vertical shots. The battery grip has the principal controls (the shot button, the two dials, etc.) repeated for use easier with the rotated camera ninety degrees. Other important reason is that you can use an additional battery (or even EN-EL15 Li-ion batteries or AA batteries) without power off the camera. By other hand, the mass balance of the camera when you are using a big lens is better with the battery grip.

Thanks to battery grip I took several vertical shots (I usually took more horizontal shots). Here some examples.

The powerful colours in some of them are because of the sunset. With a telephoto lens you can view closer the space of sky that changes radically of colour in the horizon during the sunset. The results are awesome even without post-processing (in this case, I've powered the colours in the post-processing). If you use a flash for close elements, the colour jigsaw is completed.

Finally, some horizontal shots of the golden-blue hour.

And here ends my walk through my pictures taken last weekend. More, soon.

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