Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The dress and the ruins

As I annunciated some time ago, the last weekend I participated in my second "time for compact disk" (TFCD) with the wonderful model Viki Taneva. We took pictures in the ruins of an old abandoned house and in a park near there. I share below the best pictures of that session.

Thank so much to the model, Viki Taneva. Her great work compensates my lack of photographic talent :p.


  1. What a stunning set, my friend! WOW! I love the backdrop you used for this session, and you've really captured the beauty and character of the model very nicely!

    1. Thank you very much! The scenery was chosen by her. It was an old and abandoned house near here (I think you've already watched pictures of it) and a near park.

      These are my first steps in this kind of photography. My style is very amateur yet, but I'll try increase my abilities :)! The model was the main piece in this work, she was fabulous.



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