Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Some random pictures

The last weekend I was taken pictures in Madrid. The original idea was take some street/urban pictures, but after the attempt I think it is not my style :p.

However I bring you some random pictures because I don't want that they will be forgotten in a lost folder. I hope you like it and, as previous posts, if somebody appears in a picture and he/she doesn't like it, please, contact me and I will remove the picture.

An old car in front of the Church-College of Jesuits in Alcalá de Henares because of a wedding. It's my first HDR at 16Mpx, a big challenge for my computer (It still has troubles for processing pictures at 10Mpx).

A girl walking near Atocha Station (Madrid)

Two tourists near the Botanic Garden of Madrid

A man in front of the St. Jerome Royal Church

A statue with the St. Jerome Royal Church in the background

The St. Jerome Royal Church

Girls at the Retiro Park

A statue of a lion of the Retire Park with a pigeon over its nose (close to the lake)

The famous statue of the fallen angel in the Retiro Park

Windows of the Agriculture Ministry of Spain

The pictures were taken with my new SAMYANG 85mm and the Nikon D7000. Some of them were taken at f/2, so the depth of field is very small.

Maybe I'm going to make a TFCD soon. I think that we could view all the potential of this lens then.

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