Sunday, 29 July 2012

Landscapes and surprises

Yesterday I went to the park "Los Cerros", in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid - Spain), to take landscapes pictures. "Los Cerros" is a combination of semi-desert landscapes, pine woods, Holm oaks woods and Mediterranean bushes. A big natural extension nearby the city. Here there are some of the shots I took.

I've presented the next picture - also taken yesterday - to the Firefox OS contest (they are looking for wallpapers for mobiles for their new operative system).

In this picture I've followed some of the non-written composition rules of José Benito Ruiz. For example, I've used the communication between and object in the first plane and other in the background, using diagonal lines for connecting everything.

Finally, as I wrote in La Ventana Salvaje, I show you a rare picture from this excursion:

It's an robber fly. The "rare feature" in this picture is that it was taken with the wrong gear. It's a macro-picture taken with a no-macro lens (at 105mm of focal). Paradoxically, this picture is better than others I took before with a macro lens of larger focal (300mm).

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