Thursday, 3 May 2012

Photo-tourism in Madrid

The last May 2nd was the official Day of the Community of Madrid, a perfect day to go to take pictures of the Spanish capital.

We visited the garden "El Capricho", near Canillejas, the cathedral of "La Almudena", the Royal Palace and its gardens, the Temple of Debod, etc. We were taking pictures as foreign tourists in our own city.

I show us some pictures of the session below. You can view the complete gallery clicking here.

My preferred place of this adventure was the Temple of Debod, a mystic building in the middle of Madrid. It was a very old Nubian temple (It's about 2,200 years old). It was located in Debod (Nubia) and it arrived to Spain in 1968 because of gratitude of Egypt for the Spanish help in the conservation of the Nubian temples.

The other day was the first I could view the temple inside. There were hieroglyphs and information about the history of this temple. It's (in my opinion) one of the most photogenic places in the Spanish capital.


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  2. Lots of magnificent photos here! They are so inspiring and they motivate me to pursue my plan of having a vacation some time.


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