Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Museum of Aeronautic and Astronautic of Spain

Recently I've visited the Museum of Aeronautic and Astronautic of Spain (It's also known in Spain as "El Museo del Aire"). It's a place in Madrid with about 150 aircraft, weapons, medals and information about the aviation in Spain and in the world.

For a photographer, it's the perfect place to take pictures of these large flying machines of all the ages. Time ago I watched the awesome gallery of the Spanish photographer Mario Rubio composed with pictures taken in this place (this gallery is very recommendable).

He is a "night photographer", and his vision of these aircraft was under that point of view. My vision is different. After I've published the "no-so-processed" gallery in Astaroth's World, I've selected some pictures to convert them into HDR files. This is the result:

I hope you enjoy :)!


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