Sunday, 1 April 2012

A year of Photography

"A year of Photography" is the name of a very interesting cycle of conferences about photography in Spanish language. The chats were happened in the CAMON space for cultural acts (in Alicante, Spain). They were driven by José Benito Ruiz, an excellent nature photographer and a wonderful lecturer.

From "The introduction to the method" to "The big projects", there are forty-one lectures that were recorded in video and now we can view them. Subjects as the light, the different generes of the photography, the composition and others are exposed  in a interesting and funny way.

I think that this recently finished project could be very interesting for amateurs (and no-amateurs) photographers. I've learned a lot with these lectures. Some of the posts of this blog were very influenced by these lectures, as "Composition" or "Night Photography".

From the post called "Composition"
From the post called "Night Photography"

If you have jDownloader (you can download it for free in its official website), you can download the whole cycle with this link (you need about 31Gb free and remember that the lectures are in Spanish language).

You can also view the detailed links to the videos (on Vimeo) in Astaroth's World.

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