Sunday, 1 April 2012


Spain, as well as much other countries, is suffering a hard crisis (with a high rate of unemployed people). In this situation the governments have to take polemic decisions. Recently, the actual Spanish government has modified the laws related with the work in this country. Much people is not agree about this modifications and the past March 29th they took the streets of Spain in the eighth general strike in the history of the Spanish democracy.

Independently of my political ideas about this fact, I though it was a good chance for a photographer. Here I show some over-processed HDR pictures (you can view more natural versions in Astaroth's World) of the strike in Madrid, the Spanish capital.

This kind of photography is difficult for me. It is a fast modality: the action happens although you are not ready. By other hand, often people doesn't like to be the main subject in a photography. I would like to be an invisible observer, but I'm there, with a camera in my hands, and my presence affects to people in fron me. The pictures are more fresh, I have not time to think enough about composition and more.

I hope you like these attempts of social photography, trying to transmit a strong feeling of the Spanish population.

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