Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sorry, sorry, sorry...

Sometimes the rhythm of the daily life doesn't let you write in your blog as frequently as you like. The section "Photo Review", with a delay of three pictures, is a proof of it.

Because of it, I'm going to write my review of these pictures in a summarized way.

The two first pictures I uploaded to Flickr after my last post here were landscapes.

My little tribute, Mr. Adams
"My little tribute, Mr. Adams"

Alpedrete de la Sierra
"Alpedrete de la Sierra"

We could view these pictures time ago in the post called "My tribute, Mr. Adams". They are landscapes in black and white, trying imitate the style of the great Ansel Adams.

Both of them were taken in a excursion by the boundary between Madrid and Guadalajara (in Spain), near of towns as Patones or Alpedrete de la Sierra.

Compositionally, The first one has a structure in "X", forming four triangles (the river, the sky, and two triangular sections of ground) and with a obvious point of fugue in the centre. The symmetry and the position of the triangle of the river (with a wide base in the down area of the picture) make the stability stronger. It produces a serenity sensation.

The second one has different planes. From near to far, firstly there are trees that framing the image. In a second plane there is the town (Alpedrete de la Sierra), limited by the forest and the hills. The last plane is forming by the mountains, with a foggy sensation that it means that there is a large distance between they and us. There are some equilibrium in the end of the second plane and the last plane: there are more trees in the left part of the picture, "compensated" by a larger amount of snow in the mountains in the right area.

Both pictures were taken at f/11. I didn't use closer apertures because of the dust in my sensor (lately I have problems related with the internal cleaning of the camera that I don't know how to solve by the moment).

The next picture is my last picture uploaded to Flickr.

El Monstruo
"The Monster"

It's a macro-photography of a tiger beetle (Cicindela maroccana). The original pictures of this friend appeared in La Ventana Salvaje some days ago.

With a diagonal composition, is a cropped picture. With f/14 and a tripod I tried have a depth of field enough to cover all the bug.

The post-process is very aggressive, using HDR methods.

The next time that I'll upload a picture to Flickr I'll try do a more detailed analysis and do it in time...

The time, stopped by cameras used by humans, but unstoppable for the own humans.

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