Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Second View

Maybe you can remember the "time for compact disk" (TFCD) session with the wonderful model Viki Taneva. Maybe you also can remember my picture called "A Look".

Una mirada

Now I show you "A Second View":

Un segundo vistazo

A remastered version of one of the best pictures of that session.

The technical issues about how this picture was taken are detailed in the analysis of the original version. There we could view other versions used in the first post-processing.

In this new version I've tried a more aggressive processing: with HDR methods, processing by areas, fake make up, trying decreasing the noise with blur masks, etc. Maybe the final result is a little artificial, but I like it. I think that look that astonished me is now even more powerful.

Thank so much to Viki Taneva, a great model

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