Saturday, 3 March 2012

My tribute, Mr. Adams

Many people says the best landscape picture ever taken was the image below. It was taken by Ansel Adams, the father of the "zone system" in analogical photography.
"The Tetons and the Snake River", by Ansel Adams.
The "zone system" is a photographic theory that says that the photometers take the measurement in the middle range of the light scale (the middle grey - "zone V"). If you want show correctly a bright (dark) area, you should sub-expose (over-expose) it proportionally to the distance from it to the "zone V". You can do it when you are taking the picture or in the development (calculating the time for the correctly exposure for each zone).
With the digital photography new (but similar) methods appear. HDR methods are very popular today. The goal is the same: try increase the dynamic range. In this way, we can view more details in dark and bright areas at the same time in the same picture.
Using  a combination of HDR methods and local post-processing, I've built the gallery below, my little tribute to Ansel Adams and his wonderful work.

The pictures were taken in my last excursion, an outdoor walk through the north of Madrid and Guadalajara (Spain), near of little towns as Patones, Uceda and Alpedrete de la Sierra (the town that appears in one of the pictures).
I hope you enjoy with the images.


  1. Me encanta como te ha quedado, por cierto Alpedrete de la sierra, en el bar de ese pueblo preparan las mejores ensaladas de tomate que he comido en mi vida

    1. Gracias :)!

      Jejeje, yo no probé las ensaladas de tomate, pero sí pasamos por el bar para comprarnos unos heladitos y recuperar las fuerzas perdidas en la excursión :p.


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