Sunday, 19 February 2012


The "Panning" in photography is a technique for take pictures of objects in motion. The photographer follows the motion with his camera. The principal subject is sharp, but the background is blurred. It produces a speed sensation.

Yesterday I've tried this technique with cars. I've used a Manfrotto tripod with a basic pan tilt head. The "up-down" and "horizontal (landscape) - vertical (portrait)" movements were blocked and I only let the "right-left" movement.

These are some of the results:

You can view the complete gallery clicking here. You can view below some funny coincidences:

It was a sunny day with a lot of light and I needed slow shoots for this kind of photography, so I used very very closed apertures (about f/32). The shooting speed was about 1/10 seconds.

Maybe this afternoon I could start other project: costume photography, today is carnivale :D! See you then ;)!

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