Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Empty Weekend

Since I started to work (the last august), I'm feeling how my time escapes. I haven't almost free time, so I try use it as good as possible. The most part of this time is dedicated to photography.

This weekend hasn't been a good weekend. The Saturday I was to take pictures of my little brother playing soccer. It was an interesting experience under the point of view of the photography. However, I don't like show images of my family in the Internet, so this ball is all I can show us.

I think I'd never taken pictures about sports since I bought my reflex camera (I don't like sports). As bird's photography, you must follow the movement and is hard get sharpness. Telephoto lens (the players are far), very open apertures (faster and with small depth of field), short shooting times (against blur). The tripod is not necessary because you have to follow the player in motion.

Today, Sunday, I had several photographic plans... but I rejected them because of the weather (theoretically, It was going to be raining). All I could do today was take this picture from my window.

A very frustrating photographic weekend...

Finally, I've been retouching some images of the last weekend (more productive). I've applied a HDR post-processing basically.

The next weekend I'll try use better my time.

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