Saturday, 21 January 2012

Shooting at night

Yesterday the night was clear. There were not too many clouds and the stars were visible. I thought that go out to take some pictures could be a good idea.

I had thought some days before in a natural area near my home. It has some trees, now without leaves, there aren't artificial lights.... I thought it could be a good place for night photography.

Unfortunately, my battery was exhausted a few minutes after I went out. The image at the right is a very very low quality preview of the last picture I was taken.

I like very much the composition of this picture, but I couldn't finish the good shot when battery was exhausted. Now, I only have this preview for remember that I must bring a replace battery the next times :p.


  1. Very creative pictures, like the approach.

    1. Thank you very much :)!

      Night photography is always very interesting, but I think I should care more the composition in this pictures. Next time I'll try do it better :)!

      Thanks for your visit and comment :)!


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