Sunday, 29 January 2012


This week I've been learning photographic composition. I've used the wonderful conferences "A Year of Photograph", made by José Benito Ruiz.

I've decided go out today for practice the new acquired knowledges. The next pictures are little exercises of composition. They aren't good pictures. They aren't interesting shots. They only are exercises for upgrade my composition skills. The below pictures were not processed: they were not cropped.


Some of the pictures I've taken are specular reflections over the vertical axis that divides the image in two identical parts.

In this picture I've used a regular structure as background

I've also used lines and basic forms, as the square

The symmetry can be broken: for example, close-open

Or empty-full

Basic Forms

The closed curves make contours. The basic forms (as the square, the circle and the triangle) are very important in composition. Each figure have a signification.

I've tried to use the diagonal directions to get a full frame

The triangle sometimes has a religious meaning. In this case, we have a religious symbol inside the triangle

Vertical axes also are very important in composition


The pictures of textures are other way for compose. The textures can be used in different ways. It can be alone or be part of the picture (as the background or the main subject).

Diagonal Lines

An image seems more unstable with diagonal lines. Lines are a basic (but very important) element in composition. Diagonal lines are dramatic, dynamic, unstable and they help us tu get the frame full.

We can trace a curve that it pass for the points of interest. If the points of interest are important, that curve will be the way used by the eyes for travel through the image.

Break The Pattern

If we have a regular pattern and we break it, we are making an interesting visual effect.

This image also can be an example of isolation


Isolate an object over an uniform texture is also an interesting visual effect.

Roads For The Eyes

As I've said before, we can build roads for the eyes joining the points of interest. If the curve is closed, the viewer will spend more time in the image.

Vertical Axes

The vertical lines are very important in composition. The taller vertical axis is one of the first areas that the eye visits.

They are not great pictures, but they are great concepts to learn and practice

Trying simplify the process, I've used a telephoto lens. With this kind of lenses it's easier because there are a low number of objects in the frame. If you use an angular lens, you will have to organize a high number of object inside the frame (and it's harder).

The pictures were taken in the old centre of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid - Spain). I chose an urban environment because in this kind of environment there are more pure forms than in natural environment (usually more sinuous).

Learning new things everyday,

Astaroth  (O.R.G.)

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