Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Animal Ecstasy

I had a debt with you: I should have written about my last picture in Flickr: "Animal Ecstasy".

Éxtasis Animal


In the above picture we can see a group of baboons enjoy  with their sexuality.

Compositionally, we can view a diagonal line drawn by the female baboon. This primate has a very baroque pose, twisting her body.


This picture was taken in the Zoo-Aquarium of Madrid, one of the most important zoos in Spain.


This picture was taken in my last visit to the Zoo-Aquarium of Madrid.

I went for take pictures of several animals, but the most expressive were the baboons.

You can view all the pictures clicking here, and read more in Astaroth's World.


This picture was taken with a telephoto lens (the animals usually are very far). I used a 300mm lens with aperture of f/11 (not too much closed or open, with 300mm it allows a blurred background with a focused subject).

I was sunny and the animals usually are not stopped, so I shot in fast way (1/125 seconds).

You can view the Exif data clicking here.

The digital post-processing is maybe too much aggressive. It includes HDR techniques and a lot of layers randomly mixed.


There are three main versions of this picture: the natural version, without post-processing:

The monochrome version, in sepia tones:

The HDR version:


I'm not very happy with this picture. The pose of the baboon is great, but the pictures is over-processed and the colours are not too much good.


Do you like these pictures? Do you want share your point of view about this post? Would you like ask me anything? Please, comment :)!


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