Thursday, 8 December 2011

Showing full resolution pics

Sometimes we want to show some pictures, but we have a problem: the global image is so important as the details are.

When we are in a museum, we can view very large pictures that they are been printed in very large formats too. We can enjoy viewing the complete picture or looking for interesting details. When we upload a image to our website or blog, we usually can't do it. We usually resize the complete image to a standard size or crop the image for show a detail.

I present you "", a free web application that let you show large resolution images, with zoom and navigation. It's a free image viewer for share with a link or embed in your website. You can play with the below image, zooming it in or out and navigating in it.

If you want use it, you have to upload your image to a hosting (ImageShack, for example).

After, you write the direct link of the image in and click in "create".

There you can get the code for embed (or the link).

You can view more examples in my blog about wildlife "La Ventana Salvaje".

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