Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Puppeteer

I've uploaded a new picture to my Flickr gallery. Ladies and gentlemen: "The Puppeteer".

 El Titiritero (Teddy's Nightmare)


In the image we can view a sort of gymnastic rings in a park at night. There are other utilities for make exercise and a little forest fo poplars in the background.

Geometrically, the basic structure is made of triangles.


The place where this picture was taken was a park called "La Isla y el Val" (a known scenery, where I've taken a lot of pictures), in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid - Spain).


This picture takes part of the series called "Teddy's Nightmare". The idea of the series was to take night pictures in a dark and natural scenery with some toys, emulating horror films. You can read more and view more pictures of the session clicking here.


The picture was taken at night, in a place without artificial lights (as street lights). The illumination was primordial. The principally source of light was the moon (near to be full moon). I used a little LED flashlight too.

It's a long exposure picture. It was taken in more than 300 seconds (about 5 minutes). I used a strong Manfrotto tripod and a remote trigger.

I was interested in the landscape in the background, so I used a wide lens (18mm) and a semi-closed aperture (f/13). With these parameters I also had a large depth of field. It's useful when it's dark and you can't view for focus right.

I could chose a high ISO and expose less time, but it was a very very cool night, so I could expose more time without a lot of noise (when you expose a lot of time, the sensor get hot and it makes that noise appears, but if the ambience is cool, it's compensated).

Finally, in the post-processing, I used HDR algorithms and I've tried compensate the deficiencies in the illumination with digital methods.


In night photography is difficult hit in the first strike. My first attempt was with other point of view:

The forest and the fog in the background make that I change my opinion about the point of view:

Several attempts after, I chose the last image and I mixed it with the HDR version:

As I've commented in previous posts, sometimes to show a image with different scales is very difficult. A option is to use, but now I'm going to show you simply a detail of the complete version.


I like this picture, but maybe I think it takes too much part of the whole series "Teddy's Nightmare". All those pictures are telling a story. Divided, they are incomplete.

By other hand, it doesn't seem to be night photography. I would like there were more visible stars, for example.


This picture (as other pictures of the series) can be bought in deviantART clicking here.

You also can buy other pictures of this series in deviantART: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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