Thursday, 1 December 2011

Astaroth's Photography 2011

As I told to you in previous posts, the last November 10th was the anniversary of the purchase of my first reflex camera. I bought it for Christmas of 2009.

Last year I published a commemorative book about my photographic work in 2010. This year I've wanted do the same. Ladies and gentlemen, my new publication: Astaroth's Photography 2011.

In this new book you can view a review of my work in 2011. I've divided it in several categories: wildlife, architecture, landscape, night photography and people (portrait).

It's made with my best pictures on this year in each category.

Al amanecer, el viento del oriente trajo la langosta


The book is written in Spanish, but the most important in it are the images, no the words. In its pages is mentioned stories that we've told in this blog, as the vultures of "Las Hoces del Río Duraton", the travel inside "The House of the crazy man", or the recently photo-session with Viikii.

You can acquire this book directly in Hofmann (26 € with included shipping to Spain, and 30.50 € with included shipping to other countries in the European Union). You only have to send me a mail to, and I will send you a private invitation for a free preview of the book. You can solicit a copy from there.

Q: Why am I going to buy this book if you have uploaded it to the Internet?

A: It's a good question :p! Because of the quality. You can have it physically, with thick pages (Coated paper of 500g/m² ) and printed with a good quality.

You can view my photographic publications in the section "Publications" of Astaroth's Photography.

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