Sunday, 20 November 2011

Remember, remember, the tenth of November

The last November 10th was the anniversary of the purchase of my first reflex camera (a NIKON D3000). Before it, I took a lot of pictures, but November 10th, 2009 was the day when my photographic interest was awaken.

I've always liked photography. When I was a child I used to use my parent's cameras (video and photography). I remember I had a camera of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". A horrible image of a turtle was inserted in each picture you took with it.

I also remember that I tried to take pictures of the birds of pray and my parents thought that it was spend money for nothing (in the analogical age, each shot must be thought). Now I'm stalking kites and it is one of my preferred hobbies.

My first digital compact camera was a NIKON COOLPIX 7900. I bought it in August of 2005. I liked it very much, but it was too much automatic.


The beginning of my photographic interest is dated the day when I bought my first reflex camera: November 10th, 2009.

I would like celebrate it publishing a book with the works of each year. Last year I published one book in Christmas called "My First Works", with pictures taken until December of 2010.

Now I'm designing the book with the works of this 2011, a tiny abstract of my work in this year. When it be finished, I'll show it in this blog.

You can view my published books in "Publications".

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