Monday, 28 November 2011

A look

Welcome once again to the photo review of Astaroth's Photography blog. I present my last update in Flickr:

Una mirada


In the above picture we can view to Viikii, a model with a very beautiful look. It's a classic portrait: a face close up and a blurred background with bokeh.

Her face is placed in the right side because it seems like she was going to turn her head to the left side of the picture and her eyes are looking for the centre.


This picture was taken near of "La Puerta de Madrid", in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid - Spain). In the old side of the city. More important than "where" is "when": the blurred background makes that this picture could be taken in everywhere, but the colours are thanks to the sunset.


This picture is part of the session of the last November 26th with Viikii. A TFCD exchange that you can view here.

Technically, I used the telephoto lens (300mm). I haven't got a very luminous lens for portraits (maybe my next purchase?) and the depth of field of my 300mm could be minimum. Blurred backgrounds are important in portraits and the 300mm makes it possible.

I wanted small depths of field, so I used big apertures (f/6.3).

The lighting in the place was not very good, so I had to use ISO 400. In my camera it's terrible, because it's very sensible to the noise. It made possible to shoot at 0.013 seconds.

The post-processing was very light. I only modified a little the colour temperature, the sharpness, etc. My intention was get a natural look.

I tested some different versions before get the final picture:

Natural version

Red version: I increased red tones

Version without shadows: I used algorithms for eliminate shadows


I like very much this picture. I like very much that pose, that way of look. It was very nice to work with the model and It has repercussion in the final result.

I don't like the noise. My camera's sensor is asking to be changed. The noise and the fact of don't be correctly in focus makes that the sharpness disappears when you make zoom in.

Special Thanks

Thank very much to the model, Viikii. You can view her profile clicking here.

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