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Lixus angustatus

Lixus angustatus

The Art Of To Put Everything In The Correct Place

In the above image we can view a weevil over a wood fence. The most of the areas of the picture are empty (57 parts of 81, about 70%). Only 24 of 81 parts (~ 30%) have some content. The principal subject, the bug, is placed in 4 parts of 81 (~ 5%). So it's a picture basically empty.

About 8 parts of 81 (~ 10%) are in focus.

The bug is placed near of the centre, but down, at the right. There is some empty space in the direction where it is looking.

The Scenery Where We Danced As Puppets

This picture was taken near of the Henares River, in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid - Spain). Near where I took the pictures about leaves and spider-webs.

The Story Behind the Scene

This picture was taken the last month, in a excursion looking for small bug for my blog about wildlife "La Ventana Salvaje". I was taking pictures of birds and arachnids. You can read more about it in my other blog.

The long way from the idea to the picture

As in other macros, I used a telephoto lens (a TAMRON 70-300mm) and a tripod. I tried to be very close to the bug. The aperture was f/20 (the depth of field is very small with this lens, and you must to close the diaphragm to increase it).

The picture was taken outdoor in a sunny day and the bug was not too much fast, so I could shoot at ISO 100 and with exposure of 0.4 seconds. I used the integrated flash for make clear the details.

You can view the complete Exif data in Flickr.

In the post-processing, I use some HDR algorithms. I mixed the "normal" layers with the HDR layers, trying that the HDR effect was subtle.

Another Feelings About The Same Scene

There are not a lot of versions of this picture. The first published version was the "natural look" of "La Ventana Salvaje". It was a cropped version without an aggressive post-processing.

Another version was the next. The HDR layer used in the post-processing of the final image.

What does the author think about his own work?

I like very much the composition in this picture: the bug in the boundary, the lines in the blurred background. I like the bug too. I'd never seen a bug as this before, and so close! The details in its anatomy are very interesting for me.

I would like more sharpness, but I think I'm fighting with the limits of the features of my lens. Maybe the final result could be better using a scheme of artificial illumination (not only the integrated flash).

How feeling closer this picture?

You can buy several products (prints, mugs, puzzles, etc.) with this picture in deviantART.

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