Wednesday, 9 November 2011

HDRClip: Full HD & HDR Time-Lapses & Stop-Motions

Some time ago I wrote in Astaroth's World (my blog in Spanish about every subject) a post about a Shell - Linux script called "HDRClip". This script converts a set of raw images in a HDR Full HD video automatically.

I.e., you have a set of raw files generated by your camera:

The script uses Qtpfsgui to convert those raw files in a ordered HDR series (using a HDR method based in a single file).

And it builds a video using ffmpeg. The script can be downloaded from 4Shared (free and legal) and it's easy-modified. For example: opening the script with a text editor you can read:

qtpfsgui -r 1920 _DSC$i.NEF -o $k.jpg

It's designed for raw images with structure: "_DSC####", where "#" are numbers. If you have raw files called "pre_####-example.ext", you must modified the line as:

qtpfsgui -r 1920 pre_$i-example.ext -o $k.jpg

Easy, isn't it?

In the above video you can watch several scenes with (or not) HDR processing.

Now I'm going to show you some frames generated automatically by the script:

The interface is in Spanish, but its usage is not difficult: you have to put the script in the same folder than the raw files and execute. You wait while it processes every file (a simple "estimated time associated" is showed).

Estimated time associated

Finally is asked (in Spanish) if you want play the video with a "sí/no" (="yes/no") selection.

It's an easy way to make your HDR time-lapses. The principal problem is the time: with my computer and this script it's spent about 50 seconds per frame (and there are 25 images in a second of video).

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