Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ready for Cervantine Week

My favourite photographic event in my loved city, Alcalá de Henares, is "The Cervantine Week". In October, close to the 9th day of this month, there is a week when the city is dressed with a medieval style.

There are a lot of cultural activities and a medieval market with artesian products and people playing a medieval role.

This festival is in honour of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, one of the most important celebrities from Alcalá. For me, it's a magic date.

This year is the first Cervantine Week since I opened this blog. I'm excited and I would like bring here a lot of good pictures this year. At the moment, I'm ornament this entry with pictures I took previous years.

What is the best gear for this event? That is a difficult question. There are a lot of people there, so maybe a fish-eye lens is a good option: you can view with it a wide angle full of action. Telephoto lens is useful for details, but I think that the important goal is the ambience, not the details in this case. By other hand, my default lens (a Nikkor 18-55mm) is useful for a lot of different situations. So I think the best option is the Nikkor 18-55mm, maybe the fish-eye for special cases.

Last time, I went with a tripod, but I went early in the morning, with not too much people. This year I think I'll go without tripod. It's comfortable and It lets you pay attention to the activity around you.

I hope see you here next week, because I hope bring a lot of interesting pictures then. While then, you can view the pictures of previous years in this slide show.

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