Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Return

Last 16th August I sent my camera to post-sale service. The problem was that a stain appeared always in the same area of all my photos.

The post-sale service is very slow because they must move my camera from Madrid (Spain), where I live, to Paris (France).

Last 16th September I received a notice about my camera was ready. This month has been a very long month without one of my most appreciated possessions.

My photographic activity was frozen. There weren't new publications in my photographic blogs (as this or La Ventana Salvaje) and in the photographic communities where I try participate (as Flickr, Light Stalking, Fotonatura, etc.). In my Tumblr I shared some pictures taken for photographers I admire, but there weren't too much new own stuff.

Now, 21th September, I'm "armed" again and ready for the action ;)! I hope publish new photos soon :)!


P.S.: My camera arrived with a mark in the screen :s, but at least now it doesn't produce stains.

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