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Iron Cathedral

Catedral de Hierro


In the above image you can see the Príncipe Pío train/subway Station, in Madrid, a old building with roots in the second half of the 19th century.

Time ago, the Príncipe Pío Station was called Estación del Norte ("North Station of Madrid"). I've found some pictures taken in the 19th century in the awesome collection of Fernando Muñoz.

I've chosen some pictures where you can see the same structure that appears in my photo.


As I've written before, this picture was taken in the Príncipe Pío Station, in Madrid (Spain).


I've not had camera since last month, as I told you before. When my camera returned from the post-sell service, I wished use it as soon as possible.

Some time ago I fallen in love of the Príncipe Pío Station's architecture and design. Its roof is as the old roof of the 19th century (as you can see in the below historic photos). Under the floor all is new: the subway, with two lines (the "Line 6" and the "Line 10") and the short-line "R". The rails are built in several hight levels: you can see the trains going at your level, above or below.

Príncipe Pío is a very beautiful station for be photographed.


This picture was taken with a fisheye lens (SAMYANG 8mm) and a tripod. I don't remember the F-number and it doesn't appear in the Exif data, but probably It be about f/11 or f/16. With 8mm and f > 11 the hyperfocal distance is very short, so the sharpness is easy. The SAMYANG 8mm captures a lot of light, so long exposures were not necessary.

I took several pictures changing the exposure. After, I made several HDR image with them (using Qtpfsgui / Luminance HDR) and I mixed all with the original images (using Gimp).


I was thinking about don't use the black and white. Blue versions were fine too. The "natural version" was this:

Natural version: without too much processing

In the processing, I thought about use "bright versions", but I didn't like to delete the window's structure.

Bright version: without window's structure

One of the "pure HDR versions" was this:

Pure HDR version: the default output of Mantiuk's algorithm

And, another HDR version was the picture used in the before post in this blog (in the gallery "Stations"):

Finally, the black and white was very powerful.


One time again I've used and abused of HDR effect. I don't like use too much this kind of processing, but finally I'm always using it...

By other hand, I've used "negative" kinds of mix layers in Gimp (such as difference, subtraction, etc.). These techniques produce a dark and sinister style, but not too much real. The contrast is decreased and the edges look singular.

I like the symmetry, very important when you use a fisheye lens. I like very much some textures of the materials in the picture and the very complex structure of the architectonic elements in this building from the fisheye point of view.


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