Saturday, 24 September 2011

Astaroth's World in Xataka Foto

Xataka Foto is a very very interesting Spanish blog about photography. It has been my principal source of knowledge about this art. In it you can read about photographers, projects, technique, etc.

It's one of my favourite websites.

Today they have published a post about personal photographic websites, and they have chosen a picture taken by me as principal image of the entry.
Web Idol

The image was taken for be used as background in Astaroth's World (my global personal blog). When I changed the look of Astaroth's World, I was very interested in photography, and I didn't want use an image taken for another as background. I used the fisheye lens (SAMYANG 8mm). The principal subject is a toy (a gift from my little brother). In the laptop, you can see the Ubuntu login, with a picture of me:
Enfoque Manual

To appear in a website as Xataka Foto is an honour for me.

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