Thursday, 14 July 2011

Where and when I should shoot?

I'm going to continue writing today about utilities for photographers. Now is the moment of "The Photographer's Ephemeris", a free software based in Adobe Air (multi-platform), very useful to study a photographic location from your own home.

 This software was developed by Stephen Trainor, an excellent nature photographer (as you can view visiting her gallery). It lets you looking for a location (in a Google map) and consult a lot of data about it: When/Where is the sun rising? When/Where can you view the moon? What is the lunar phase for this night?, etc.

You can define several locations and save it, so you can change location in a very fast way. With this application you can view graphically the directions of the sun and moon, so you'll can program your shots with this knowledge. The software also include a complete glossary about astronomy and others terms.

The installation and use is very simple. For install it (under every operative system), you have to install first Adobe Air. After, you must download the TPE Air program from the author's website, and install it from Adobe Air installer. For a exhaustive explanation, visit the author's website (with tutorials).

I like very much this software. It's perfect for plan an outdoor photographic activity. You can know if the lights from a place are going to be good or bad before to be there :D and the days of interest for photographers are marked with an asterisk :)! It's great!.

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