Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Recover your photos

Photographer #1:

Everyday working hard. One week ago you started the holidays and you went to that peaceful island you always desired. You took a lot of unrepeatable pictures for save unique moments. Great photos that contain great illusions.

When you arrive at home, you are going to make a copy of your photos but... Oh!, No!, Oh no!, WT@!... A bad click and you've deleted all your photos :(.

Photographer #2:

Your are inside! Go, go, go! Take the pictures of those documents and run away! You have only 34 seconds!

Oh no! Security men! You can kill me, but you'll never kill my photos! Hey! What are you doing? DO NOT FORMAT THE CARD!!!

These typical situations that everyone of us live everyday... Now they aren't a problem :)!

PhotoRec is a free software multi-platform focusing in recovery media data from memory cards, hard drives, CD's, etc. You can download it from here and try without installing. I've used it under Ubuntu Linux 11.04 and it works perfect :)!
Following easy steps you choose what disk must be rescued, what kind of files, what sector in the memory (only the free space or whole partition), etc.

As I've said before, this software is focusing to media files, so most of photographic files are supported: bmp, cr2 (Canon, considere as TIFF), crw (Canon), ctg, dcr (Kodak, considere as TIFF), dng, dsc (Nikon), gif, jng, jpg, nef (Nikon, considere as TIFF), orf (Olympus), pct, pef (Pentax, considere as TIFF), png, raf (Fujifilm), raw (Contax, Panasonic, Leica), rw2 (Panasonic), sr2 (Sony, considere as TIFF), tif, x3f (Sigma, Foveon), xcf (Gimp), etc. You can choose if you are interested in only some kind of files, or if you want recovery all them.

Finally, you have in the directory you choose all recovered files of the selected types. I.e., You can kill me, but you'll never kill my photos :p!

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