Sunday, 3 July 2011

The New Raw Therapee

What do you use for convert your RAW's files in JPG's (or other)?

I use Ubuntu Linux since a lot of years ago and the best option that I know is Raw Therapee. Recently I've discovered the version (v3.0 alpha 1) with some new features, so I would like write a little about them.

In the animation is written: "without changes - first sector blurry - second sector blurry - third sector blurry - fourth sector blurry"

The most awesome I've seen in this version is the feature "wavelet equalizer". It is a spatial frequencies equalizer! It lets us configure the sharpness of the objects in our images by its size. You can make sharper the small details without change the big details (hight-pass filter) and vice versa (low-pass filter) or change the sharpen of each size one by one.

In the animation is written: "normal - small details - big details - mixed equalization"

In the new version you can show several details (image previews at 100% of amplification). You can view how they change the global image and several details simultaneously.

Now there is an option called "Hight Quality" in the feature for control hight/low lights. It lets you use a new better algorithm for control the illumination.

By other hand, the new version has some "bad" things: the location of the tools has been changed, so old users can be confused. The image preview is also slower than in old versions and its quality is worst.

I love this software. I think that it is the best option for Linux, better than other good alternatives, like UFRaw, for example.

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